Tom Duffy

The Solar BizHave you ever asked an engineer for help?  Engineers have more than a basic understanding of the physical world as well a critical mind to examine the current situation accurately and improve it. It is a wonderful experience to find help from someone with the knowledge and skills to help you solve your problems and achieve your dream.

In 1969, Tom Duffy had an auto electric shop in Boulder, Colorado. He was a young electrical rebuilder / mechanic. Two fellows from the University of Colorado came into his shop with an electrical problem. They had gotten two 40 watt solar panels from NASA they said were worth $40,000 each in the year 1969. Tom asked “What’s a solar panel?”  And that’s where the story of his life began igniting Tom’s passion for renewable energy, a non-existent industry at the time.

Their solar panels charged the batteries during the day, but at night all the charge went out of the batteries. Tom was able to solve their issue. He sent them out the door with what had to have been the first charge controller. It had no name, and Tom figured he would never see a solar panel again. Today a charge controller is a critical component in any renewable energy system.

Tom now owns and runs The Solar Biz, a major distributor of renewable energy products. The engineers at The Solar Biz have decades of experience and the employees at The Solar Biz strive to make renewable energy an easy and rewarding experience.

Solar energy was used by ancient Greeks, and primitive people. While solar energy was discovered years ago, it is only today becoming popular in the US.  While most Americans see solar as the future, the rest of the world view it as the present.

No matter what the reason to go solar, solar energy is always a good idea.  People are interested in solar power for multiple reasons. Some want to improve their footprint on the environment. Some want to keep down the spiraling costs of energy. Some want to quit buying oil from unfriendly countries. Some want to be environmentally friendly.

Solar energy is produced by solar cells, which are powered by the sun.  Photovoltaic cells can be equivocated to a direct current generator by the sun.  As sunlight hits the cells, they bump electrons free in the silicon crystal structure of the cells, which forces the electrons through an external circuit like a battery. This then sends them back through the other side of the solar cells to repeat the process.  One single solar cell can output about ½ a volt.  The amp output is proportional to the surface area of the cell.  Usually, about 60 to 72 solar cells are wired together to create one solar module.  One solar module usually produces approximately 30 to 35 volts. It is possible to wire additional solar modules together in series and parallel to create a solar array that can charge a substantial battery bank.

It is possible to dramatically reduce the cost of energy bills long-term. Both homeowners and business owners alike can benefit from solar generated electricity.  It is possible today to generate all the energy we need from this clean renewable source, the sun’s energy, without resorting to the coal, gas, oil and nuclear that is killing the planet.

The Solar Biz is dedicated to help customers implement a sustainable lifestyle for a sustainable future. The solar products they sell are at affordable wholesale prices, so that everyone can benefit from solar energy. Together we can improve the quality of our planet.